Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wow February Already!

Man I dont know where the last few months of 2009 went and the first month of 2010...guess that means we are staying busy.

Yes, we are busy as ever which should be evident by the lack of updates posted. I know I said this last fall, but I promise in 2010 to keep our blog more up to date so our family and friends that live all across the country can keep in touch with us.

In November we bought another tanning salon so we now have 2 salons as well as 2 Dudes Designs to keep us always on the go. We spent Christmas in Hawaii with my family, which was wonderful and relaxing. We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary in January (yes we made it 2 years already, even though some didnt think we ever would..haha). We both turn another year older this idea where all the years have gone already. Brutus is doing good and getting into trouble as usual. He did really enjoy the snow we had last weekend so that entertained him.

Ok well I better get back to work now, but there will be more updates coming soon.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Remembering Uncle Don

On Sept 17 we lost Uncle Don, it was a very very sad day in all our hearts. We will always remember his loving and care free attitude. He created so many memories with each of us that we will never forget. Although his life was cut short....he brought a lifetime of happiness and joy to all our hearts. Uncle Don will always be in our thoughts and we pray that he has gone to a much happier place where he can enjoy his life and live without pain.

To view additonal pictures of Uncle Don please go to and search Kerslake.

Uncle Don, Uncle Bob, Mom, Uncle Dale, Uncle Dennis

I promise to happily carry on Uncle Don's tradition of a huge plate of mashed potatoes with the perfect crater in the middle to hold the gravy :)

Love, Nell Bell

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blog Updates

On my recent trip to Washington I realized how many family and friends actually read our blog, yes this blog that we have been horrible about updating. With the facebook craze it has been easy to not update the blog. I am sorry to everyone that has been missing out, or not missing out.

I promise that in the weeks to come I will start updating the blog more regularly again, or maybe I can talk Brutus into keeping it up to date for us.

Well we are off to Nashville this weekend for a Tanning Expo, not really sure what to expect, should be interesting. I am really tired of living out a suitcase though and once we are back from Nashville I don't plan on traveling until at least December..haha.

Look for more updates next week!